Meet Tara and Megan

Hi Listeners, we are Megan and Tara – hosts of The Slice Podcast. We created The Slice because we wanted a podcast that would get us motivated in the morning, in a bitesized way.

  • We have sliced up our episodes into bitesized segments to make them easily digestible and so that they fit around your busy mornings without getting in the way.
  • Our goal is to help you start your day on the right foot, and get in the best possible mindset to take on any challenges that life may throw your way.

Why us? We both have experience with running our own businesses, and also providing services for other businesses. We are so passionate about women finding success and we really want to share that. We have each come up against our own challenges with physical, emotional and mental health, and we have found some great tools and insight from those experiences so we want to share them to help lift up others.

Megs living her best life in Thailand

Megan is a business badass and she owns and runs Full Fat PR agency where her and her team create the buzz around lifestyle and experience companies like festivals, parties, drinks and wellness products. She is a total book worm and she loves getting creative in her spare time with painting and poetry. @meganmorass

Tara “finding herself” in Sicily

Tara describes herself as “half punk, half hippy”. She loves getting gobby about her passion points, as well as indulging in the latest wellness trends. After closing her cult fashion brand Tara Starlet, she has been working in community marketing strategy and gets a buzz out of connecting likeminded people. @tarastarlet

Please feel free to reach out to either of us on social, or @theslicepodcase, we are really excited to connect with our listeners and we would love to know what you enjoy about the podcast (and what you don’t) so that we can make sure we’re keeping it on point.

Thanks again for joining us, and have a great morning!

xx Megan and Tara

Published by Tara Starlet

Hi, I'm Tara. I used to run Tara Starlet the retro-kitsch clothing brand but closed it following a bout of grief and chronic illness... now I'm living my life to the full and channeling the Starlet Spirit into everything I do!

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